AbouT Ameeshi

What does Ameeshi mean ?



The state of being in pure self of emptiness is called “Ameeshi”.

Ameeshi is the state of reaching this awareness of ‘emptiness and continuously making conscious self-directed efforts for its successful existence.

Ameeshi Wellness Coach


As a professionally trained and experienced life coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.  I help to detox the brain from unwanted emotions. I heal and take you to the state of pure self.

Ameeshi Wellness Process


  Ameeshi’s Wellness Processes ensure the complete integration of the states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The model used by us includes social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness. 


Kybalion Coaching

Principal of Mentalism 

  Principal of Correspondence

Principal of Vibration

  Principal of Polarity

  Principal of Rhythm

  Principal of Cause and Effect

  Principal of Gender


Leadership Coaching

Identifying Purpose of Life

  Achieving Your Goals  

What comes next?


Neuro Linguistic Program


Tools and Techniques

11 Days Brain Detox Plan

Self- Hypnosis

Cards Games


Man Apart Games

Sound Bath


Switch Words


Reset-ing Mind

Chakra Balancing


Fountain of Youth

Aura Cleansing


Access Brain Potential


What can a life coach do for me?


A life coach can support you in finding and staying on your path.  By building a relationship with you, I can help you stay motivated and on-task, helping you move toward your long term far-reaching goals.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?


Every client jointly signs a commitment contract with their life coach.  I set the terms of the commitment contract to fit your individual goals and plans. 

How do we get started?


The first step is to schedule an introductory session.  In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be from there.